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Integrating and Installing Security Technology

TeamMulticom, Inc. provides individually designed security systems. Your customized system will protect your home, office or multi-family community. A quality security system will add to your peace of mind for your family’s safety or the defense of your business assets. We work to find the right solution for you within your budget. TeamMulticom, Inc. provides outstanding customer service and we look forward to working with you!

Integrated Security Systems: Alarms

Alarm systems are electronically controlled with connections to sensors via low voltage cables or wireless devices. The alarm will sound an audible siren while simultaneously sending an intrusion signal to the Central Monitoring Station when breached. The Central Station will proceed to make contact with you based on the protocols you established at installation and request a dispatch from police, fire or medical personnel as needed. This Phoenix-based monitoring service is provided 24/7/365.

There are various sensors that will maximize the defense of your location. Motion detectors, door/window contacts, glass break detectors, shock sensors, carbon monoxide or smoke detectors can be combined into a custom configuration that will best protect your home or business. Your high-end electronic equipment can be connected to the alarm system to provide 24 hour coverage even if the perimeter alarm is not activated. Zone alarm coverage is available which allows for separate security of specific areas at different times of the day.

Additional options:

  • Automatic arming at pre-set times
  • Text message notification of alarm activity
  • Duress codes alert the monitoring station in a dire emergency
  • Key fobs for panic/medical emergency or arm/disarm from the exterior
  • Homesafe alerts parents of their children’s arrival or departure
  • Remote alarm control via phone line

Integrated Security Systems: Businesses
Many businesses use individual codes for each staff member. Combined with a weekly “open/close report”, management can assess on-time staff performance and eliminate early departure. This is a valuable asset for any business, especially when there is off-site management of staff.

TeamMulticom, Inc. provides installation of new systems as well as servicing of existing systems. Our solution will integrate your existing system and wiring wherever possible. All new systems carry a full one-year warranty on parts and installation.
Integrated Security Systems: Custom Solutions
TeamMulticom, Inc. is committed to providing the very best in security solutions for home, office or multi-family apartments or condos beyond the “basic box” solution. We understand that your family, your staff, your personal and corporate assets are worth protecting and worth protecting well. We want your system to be the perfect fit for your needs and lifestyle. Click here for a no-obligation security consultation. Your peace of mind is our team’s ultimate goal.
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